Our flavors of the sea

Your seafood restaurant, La Marine à Monaco offers a varied menu including exquisite seafood and fish from our shores, cooked, grilled or prepared in Mediterranean cuisine.

In our restaurant, we want to offer the best raw materials from each place to our customers. We have fish and shellfish from our shores, smoked ham with the Denomination of Origin Guijuelo, ripened cheeses of Zamora or our rice, from the rice paddies of Valencia. All are cooked with love, refinement and dedication for the inhabitants of the region and foreigners who wish to enjoy good food at any time: lunches, dinners.

We have a menu, a menu of the day, tapas and rations, adapting to the needs and desires of our customers, but always with the principle: to offer the best products at the best price.

All this accompanied by an extensive offer of wines that you can see in our cellar made specifically for the Navy to enjoy the wines of excellence.

Gourmet Menu

The entrees

Blue Mushroom Lobster Pie with bisque vinaigrette and pistachio sorbet

Carpaccio of sea bream with peach, pine nuts and lime

Foie Gras terrine with candied lemon cherries and artichoke poivrade


The dishes

Pan-fried wolf fillet, aubergine caviar, country zucchini and saffron sauce

Poached Turbot steak, bread crumbs, celery root purée, spinach sprouts and smoked shell emulsion


Cheese assortments

Saint Nectaire farmer, Comté 24 months and Cabris on leaf


The desserts

Creamy dark chocolate, meringue with hazelnut and passion fruit sorbet

Yellow plums, Genoa bread, lemongrass and verbena swims, Mirabelle sorbet

Gourmet special menu

Tasting menu

Mignonnette of lobster foie gras


Scallops with Crispy Almonds


Millefeuille of Crab Meat and Truffles


Granite with Grapefruit and Champagne


Half Lobster with Sparkling Wine with Truffles and Vegetable Tagliatelle


Rack of Lamb with Honey of Provence and Morels Confites


Assorted Cheeses


Farandole of Desserts

Lunch of the sea

San Daniele ham matured 14 months and melon
Variation of foie gras with black truffle, grape bread and fig jam
Caprese di buffalo mozzarella and baked tomatoes
Caramelized quail eggs, mousse and tuna sashimi, mint olive oil


Pasta and Risotto
Risotto carnaroli with asparagus, prawns and melon
Ravioli with foie gras and figs, sage butter
Spaghetti alla chitarra with aubergine cream, tomato confit and ricotta salt
Tagliatelle alla bolognese


Main course
Bar fillet with Mediterranean sauce and baked potato
Lamb, grilled zucchini and slightly spicy tomato fondant
Beef tenderloin with phyllo paste and raw ham, caponatina of vegetables


Dessert and cheeses
Homemade cheesecake with red berries
Chorizo with chocolate and vanilla cream
Trio of sorbets and fresh seasonal fruits
Selection of Italian cheeses with jams